Scea for the Environment

Scea ❤️ Environment

SCEA has a profound respect for the environment and for the community in which it is part of.
The new factory is equipped with the most advanced systems available on the market for the management of emissions into the atmosphere and for the waste produced during the production process. It makes use of a powerful photo-voltaic plant for the production of green energy used during the production process.

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Thermal regenerative combustion plant

The thermal regenerative combustion plant was installed in 2016 by Brofind. It resolves in an efficient and complete manner the problem of pollution emissions into the atmosphere and is equipped with a sophisticated system of thermal recovery for the production process.

Air treated: max 80.000 Nm3/h Emissions COT: max 15 mq/Nm3

PhotoVoltaic Installation

Our company has a photo-voltaic system which was installed in 2011 by “Sistemi Fotovoltaici”, which allows total energy autonomy for two complete production departments.

Installation capacity:
Nominal power: 183 kWp equivalent CO2 reduction: over 120,000 kg per year

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