Scea has the following certification

DNV IT ManagementSysCert ISO 9001 col 1

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 which establishes the requirements that a quality control management system must have when a company has to demonstrate its capacity to regularly supply goods or services that satisfy customer requirements and those obligatory requirements in accordance to the norms.
Obtaining this certificate means a company has put into place a rigid procedure for all company processes, in particular those regarding production. The objective being to maintain and improve satisfaction of our customers.

BRCGS (The British Retail Consortium)

The BRCGS (The British Retail Consortium) global standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials Supports those organisations that manufacture packaging materials for the food sector to ensure they supply safe and hygienic products.
Using an approach based on risk and danger regarding the standards of cleanliness of the site, checks on the printing on packaging, product inspection and checks on foreign objects, certified companies and their customers can be certain of the quality control system. The BRCGS Packaging Standard is the first packaging standard in the world to be recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


FSC® certification for the chain of custody (CoC) is a system that connects forestry management to the end user, by means a series of requisites and norms that must be complied with by the manufacturing and distribution companies.
The Forest Stewardship Council® is a non-profit and non-governmental organization with the objective of promoting forest management that respects environment and social values.
Customers who request FSC® certified products contribute to the development of a sustainable system that promotes good forest management, avoiding excessive utilization and respecting the rights of the peoples and workers in the areas concerned.
Request FSC® certified products – Licence code FSC-C138107


ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certification is a system of certification applicable on a global level. It has the objective of guaranteeing sustainable models of production and consumption with a completely traceable supply chain. Companies with this certification demonstrate their commitment regarding social and environmental factors.

In particular, the ISCC plus certification confirms that Scea can supply flexible packaging using polypropylene or polyethylene film obtained from raw materials originating from renewable sources (bio-based) or from chemical re-cycling (circular or bio-circular) attributed through mass balance.

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