IV Range Products


IV Range Products


Single or multilayer packaging, printed in up to 11 colors, suitable for food contact.


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    Excellent machineability

    The physical and functional characteristics make the material of particularly high performance in the phase of industrial packaging, thus guaranteeing excellent performance and an aesthetic appearance of very high quality.

  2. 2
    High barrier properties

    Film, created on the basis of the characteristics of the product to be packaged, able to offer a barrier function, thus obtaining effective packaging and the best possible preservation of food.

  3. 3
    Excellent sealability

    Material whether laminated or not, designed to guarantee excellent sealing durability.


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    Flow Pack


  1. 1
    Gloss and matt cylinder painting

    Gloss and matt finishes for an elegant play of reflections creating a strong impact on the shelves

  2. 2
    Tactile coating

    Not only is the visual impact important but also touch is an important sense that can help the sale of a product thanks to paper effect finishes with a soft touch.

  3. 3
    Anti-fog treatment

    Anti-fog treatment is applied to the film to avoid fogging as well as guaranteeing an excellent barrier to water vapour.

  4. 4
    Micro perforation

    Micro-perforation is applied to plastic films used in the packaging of food. Thanks to controlled transpiration, this permits a balanced respiration of the packaged product and also preserves freshness and original flavour.


Our R & D department is available to examine your specific needs and offer specific advice for the creation of your packaging.

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